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Truth Seekers

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Nehemiah Ben Ezra, on a Journey for Truth in an Age when Diversity, Inclusion and Facts are Politicized, Where Whoever Declares Truth is Labeled Bigot, Racist, and Homophobic.

Never in our lifetime has the above phrase been any less true than it is now. From the News media telling the viewers their favorite candidate is ahead in the election to church leaders not speaking out against murder of the unborn and deviant sex. Where will we find truth? Certainly not the news media for they mostly subscribe to the same school of thought, which is open borders, no borders, all sex is good sex, gender equality, man affects climate, and some groups are off limits. The bible says to trust no man and to not lean on our own understanding. I call a challenge to everyone to read your Bible, find the truth in the Bible and temper that with love. The Bible tells us that everything we need to know is in between the pages of that sacred text. What has become of our country? When did we start down the wrong path? Follow me as we search and find out the truth of that very phrase.