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Truth Seekers

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act

The Truth of Our Age

In the field of journalism I stick out like a sore thumb. I number few among the people who believe as I do. Being Jewish and a Christian, it pains me to see how far my profession has fallen in the area of objective journalism. Who in this age can report with objectivity? Not CNN, the news network who has had to let go journalist after retracting a story about Russian and Trump collusion, saying they could not stand by the story, read here New York Times,

What truths should a man abide by? Where do we get our morals? For a society without morality is chaos in the making. Civil war reigns supreme. There is no law, no model of society, no higher learning, and no way of surviving but through brute force. It is, in fact, the law of the jungle… the survival of the fittest. Society has broken down and technological advance has ceased. Science is a lost art and philosophy a thing of the past. We have reverted to an animal state. Religious organizations have long been the sole representatives of justice and morality, and have succeeded in some ways, but failed in others. The main failure is a lack of cooperation, mutual understanding, and coexistence. Many religious organizations feel, understandably, that they have the sole monopoly on truth, and therefore refute all other religious beliefs and moral understandings. Few strive to understand their fellow man and penetrate beyond the veil of the superficial to see the commonalities underlying all humanity. But of course, there is a rationale behind this. Who’s opinions of morality do we accept as authoritative for all mankind? This is a deep and difficult to answer question, but one that must be addressed.